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The new server is finally here, please use mc.elitepvp.co to connect to the server.

The server is lag free and 24/7, any support, helpers, donations would really be appreciated and would help the server boost up to run smoothly.


pro_nick221 ao posted Dec 15, 14
Hey there!

The server will be released on the 20th but you can still access it while it's in Beta Stage with the following ip: elitepvp.zapto.org <-- That is a temporary ip that will be used for a while until enough donations are raised to get a better domain. All support is needed, including donation.

Make sure to keep checking back on the website for future updates on the server and upcoming events.

Here is a brief list of what the server features:
- Factions
- Auctions
- Economy
- Kits
- Donator Ranks
- Fun Parkour (With rewards)
- Great staff and much much more! 
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